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Considering Natural Childbirth?

I had never given childbirth much thought until I found out I was expecting. Then, it became something I obsessed over. I was so concerned about everything that went into my body and I was even more worried about what could happen to my baby if I were to choose to take the epidural. But […]

Postpartum Depression Affects Everyone

Postpartum depression can affect anyone regardless of social status or wealth. The list of celebs who have had to gain control of this very real part of pregnancy and childbirth continues to grow. The latest celebrity to admit to having suffered from postpartum depression is singer Marie Osmond. Reports published recently online revealed that in […]

Throwing Up During Labor

I read every book and article I could get my hands on before going into labor, hoping to be as prepared as possible for whatever may happen. I wanted to read about every possible glitch that might happen so that there would be nothing that would take me by surprise. It was my way of […]

Peeing When You Sneeze: The Exercise You MUST Do if You Are Pregnant

The whole process of conception, pregnancy, childbirth is an overwhelmingly incredible thing. But evolution has shortchanged us women somewhat, and while our bodies can do miraculous things, having children can take a toll on our physical selves. One of the hardest working, and most neglected parts of a woman’s body is the pelvic floor. Your […]

The Childbirth Competition

Childbirth is not a competitive sport. We live in a society that is permeated by competition. We compete on the jobsite, in school, and with our next door neighbors(keeping up with the Joneses). Our television shows involve people competing over more serious things like dating prospects and marriage partners to seemingly more benign competitions over […]

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