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Delayed Development or Time for Concern?

Being able to recognize signs of developmental delays early is important for early intervention. Once a child seem to be behind his peers in certain milestones it may be time to discuss your concerns with a pediatrician.

When Our Babies Talk Back!

I grew up in an era where children were ‘seen but not heard’. More often than not, children did not talk back to an adult, especially if they were not being spoken to. Somehow, over the last two decades or so, things have certainly changed. Maybe it’s my memory, but these day kids talk back […]

How to Read to a Toddler

We all know about the importance of teaching children to love reading– not only does it teach language skills, but it is an excellent way to bond together. Lately, reading to our toddler has become more of a chore than a pleasure. Sure, we all enjoy the time together and some of the stories are […]

Child Development: Single Parent vs Two Parent Home

Here’s something that single parents everywhere may rejoice over: In a recent study done by an Ohio State University professor, they found no difference in school performance between children of single parents and those of two-parent homes.  (Provided that the children come from stable homes.) Providing a Stable Home is Key The study gathers data from 5,000 families across three decades.  Their […]

Zipper Love

Babies and toddlers love figuring out how things work. Right now, zippers are king of the toys in my house. Daycare baby likes undoing zippers. It’s part peekaboo game, and part investigating how things work, and part finding interesting things behind the zipper. I learned quickly to wear something under any shirt that had a […]

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