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The Benefit of Skin-to-skin Contact After Delivery

When my twins were born at 35 weeks, they were immediately whisked to the neonatal station for a thorough check up and a stint in the incubator. It was more than 12 hours later when I could finally see, much more, hold them. Those waiting hours were probably among the longest in my life. From […]

My Experience With Inducing Labor

When I read an article by a fellow writer on Babies Online Blog on inducing labor, I immediately recalled my experience with the birth of my baby.  She was 7 days overdue, was tired of being pregnant, and was getting increasingly bigger.  She wasn’t that big at 8 lbs., but weighing all the factors I’ve […]

Finding out Baby’s Gender

With my first pregnancy I was determined to keep the gender of the baby a secret from everyone, including me. I believed that not knowing whether I was having a boy or a girl would somehow compel me to push a little harder when the time came for labor. I don’t know if that’s altogether […]

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