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Tommy Hilfiger Welcomes a New Baby

You’ve got to hand it to celebrities who are keeping their birth announcements under wraps. Take Tommy Hilfiger for example. On the same day it was reported that he and his wife were expecting a baby, there came another news report that his wife had given birth to a baby boy. The initial news reports […]

Actress Nia Vardalos Talks About Her Adopted Daughter

Many people might think that as a celebrity, Nia Vardalos would have had it easy when she and her husband wanted to adopt. Madonna for example seemed to get though her first adoption process relatively quickly. At any rate this is a reminder that even for celebrities, some things just have to run their normal course.

Two More Half Men For Charlie Sheen

Of late there seems to be a continual stream of multiples, especially twins being born to celebrities.

Expectant Celebrities: More News on 2009 Celebrity Pregnancies

As always, there is always Hollywood baby news to be shared. A number of celebrities expanded their families last year, and this year looks to be no different.

Tom Cruise Says He Wants Ten Kids

Tom Cruise talks about parenting and his desire for lots more children. Tom also talks about his father’s influence on his parenting style.

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