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Making Doctor Appointments Easier for Kids

I don’t mean to brag, but I have been through my fair share of doctors appointments with my kiddos. Between the surgeries my son has endured and the fact that my husband comes and goes with his military deployments leaving me to deal with everything on my own, I know quite a bit about the […]

How to face the Easter “sweets challenge”

It’s the same every year: as a mom of two preschoolers, I have to face the “sweets challenge” three times a year: on Halloween, at Christmas, and now at Easter. It’s not that I maintain a zero tolerance for sweets. No, I don’t believe in complete abstinence. What I advocate is moderation. After all, I […]

The Day After Halloween: Which Candy is Safe For my Toddler?

If your family participated in the holiday celebrations, you are probably overwhelmed at the sheer amount of candy your children have gotten in a few hours! I admit that I don’t buy candy for my kids. When Halloween arrives, they absolutely love to trick-or-treat and they actually list the different types of candy they have […]

Halloween Candy Recall

A candy recall has been announced just in time for Halloween. Sherwood Brands Pirate?s Gold Milk Chocolate Coins contain melamine, the ingredient that has caused numerous infant illnesses and deaths in China. Melamine is a chemical compound is used in a number of industrial products and is harmful if ingested. The candies have been sold […]

Toddler Goes International… Visiting with the Grandparents

Toddler looks supremely worried to see two exuberant people with manic grins bearing down on him. It’s OK, I tell him, this is your Grandma and Granddad. They haven’t seen you for six months. We’ve just got off the train to see my in-laws. They have come to the train station to meet us, and […]

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