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16-Month-Old Baby Eats as Much As a Adult Woman

Can you imagine your baby eating as much as you do? A Dietitian has recommended a 2000 calorie a day diet for baby girl Agatha Holloway. She was born 11 weeks prematurely and has been prescribed the high-calorie diet to help her to catch up to a normal weight. Agatha almost died shortly after she […]

Holiday feasting and healthy eating

It’s the biggest holiday of the year. And it comes with lots of fun and presents, cheers – and calories. I don’t want to dampen your Christmas spirits but there’s no denying it – we tend to feast and fatten ourselves during the holiday season. But cheer up. We need not deprive ourselves of the […]

A Pregnancy Diet?

In the interest of honesty, I’ll let you in on something that most of my friends probably already know but have been kind enough to not mention to me…at least not to my face: I gained too much weight with both my pregnancies, and even though my son is now a preschooler I still haven’t […]

Helping a Toddler Gain Weight

Our daughter is underweight. She’s not horrendously underweight, but our pediatrician had some concerns; hence, we have some concerns as well. If you have ever tried to get an extremely active one year old child to actually sit down long enough to finish a meal, let alone gain any weight, you understand how hard it […]

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