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Breakfast, Naptime, Playtime, Bath: A Poem

Many people often ask creative writers where we get our ideas. This poem was inspired by a variety of posts I read here at Babies Online, especially those that discussed bedtime routines and setting a schedule. Then, my niece had an assignment in her college writing class to write a particular form of poem, a […]

Skipping Breakfast can make Teens Obese

Young ladies and gentlemen, if you think that skipping breakfast is one way to lose weight, you?re wrong! Recent studies showed that American teenagers who skip breakfast are more likely to be obese than those who eat a morning meal. This is based on the study of 2216 students in Minneapolis and St. Paul middle […]

Warming, Healthy, Winter Breakfasts

Oatmeal has been in the news a lot recently. You probably know all about it’s cholesterol reducing properties, it’s high-fiber and low fat, it’s digested slowly and makes you feel full for longer so it’s a great food for dieters. And it’s cheap – a big tub of instant oatmeal is under $2 in my […]

Eggs in a bowl with toast

My mother had the most creative names for my childhood meals … macaroni & cheese and tuna, malted milkshakes with raw egg, and my all-time favorite, eggs in a bowl with toast. A breakfast comfort food I had long forgotten, I stumbled across this recipe about a year ago and have been making it semi-regularly […]

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