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1st Birthday Party Survival Tips

Can you believe that you are already preparing to celebrate your baby’s first year of life? It seems like just yesterday your baby was swaddled in your arms, and now look at the difference! Your baby is preparing to take his first steps, saying “Mama” and “Dada”, banging pots and pans … It is truly […]

The Aftermath of a Birthday Party

Everybody is glad that the birthday weekend is finally over. It was fun, don’t get me wrong. We are so happy to see our twin boys superhappy. But the aftermath wasn’t that nice. It all started on Friday, their 5th birthday. I delivered them and two football-shaped (soccer-shaped to you, North Americans J) cakes to […]

Kids` Birthday Parties: Who Invites Who?

My twin boys turn 5 in fours weeks and this time they are determined in getting involved in planning the birthday party. Rightly so, I guess. During the first three years, I, Mommy, organized and decided on everything from the location to the guest list. The 4th birthday was somehow squeezed between relocation and settling […]

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