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Does electromagnetic field hurt the unborn child?

In an industrialized world, we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMF). In the last decade, the health effects of EMF have been intensively studied especially in connection with mobile phones and cancer. Less studied but nonetheless very important are the possible effects of EMF on the unborn child. One group which has been active in […]

How To Give Your Child Medication

I remember my baby shower for my first daughter.  I got the cute “safety” kit.  It had a nail trimmers, a nasal aspirator and a medicine dropper.  I felt like I could conquer the world with that kit.  Then my child arrived.  I was afraid to trim her nails lest I hurt her.  That nasal […]

Milestones, Memories and “Mom-guilt”

Throughout my life I’ve gone through phases where I write poetry. Unlike other writing, which is a job, I find it relaxing, more like a game. My daughter just turned four months old, and I realized I still hadn’t written a poem for her. I’m happy that the Babies Online site  owner has permitted me […]

Growing Up Too Fast?

Before I had a baby, everyone told me how much faster life flies by with kids. And I believed them, in the same way someone has never experienced it can. The same way you believe people who say, “Everything changes once you get married,” but you don’t really know what they mean until you unpack […]

The Circle of Life

I remember finding out on Christmas Day that we were expecting our newest arrival.  I remember calculating due dates and realizing that this child was due to arrive the day after my grandmother’s birthday in August. We just got word that my grandmother is dying.  She has been ill for a while, but things have […]

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