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Moms Talk: How To Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night

On Monday, we posed a question to the Babies Online Community: “How do you get baby to sleep through the night?” Many of the perceived “problems” with infants who don’t sleep through the night are not actually problems, but misconceptions about a newborn’s sleep patterns. As Facebook Fan Kimberly Columbo Mitchell astutely points out, “Babies […]

My Sweet Sleeping Baby

Possibly my favorite time of the day is when my son has just fallen asleep for the night. I love looking at his sweet sleeping face. I love hearing the little sigh he makes when he’s fallen asleep. I love hearing his restful breathing. I love his little sleep twitches, especially when he curls his […]

Babies and Sleep

Sleep as much as you can now because, once the baby comes, you won’t sleep. This is advice that many parents-to-be hear – and promptly ignore. But my husband and I quickly learned just how true it is. Whether your baby is easy going or colicky, hungry all the time or a good eater, you […]

A Night Away

In a couple of weeks I’ll spend my very first night away from the kids. This may not sound like a very big accomplishment to many of you, but when you consider that my oldest child is nearly five years old and the only time I’ve been away from her at night was when I […]

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