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5 Handy Uses For Baby Wipes

My two year old was unusually quiet, just sitting in the family room the other day. Somehow, I’d missed him a few minutes earlier, pulling a chair up to the pantry and helping himself to a chocolate covered granola bar. (We have “big kid” treats and snacks for the older boys and since our toddler […]

I’m Lovin’ It: Earth Baby Organics

Like many people of my generation, I didn’t grow up having sunscreen slathered on me every time I set foot outdoors. While I know the health benefits of wearing sunscreen today, that doesn’t mean I like applying it – to me or my infant daughter. Many sunscreens feel greasy, tacky and oily after application. Put […]

I’m Lovin’ It: Bumbo Baby Seat

This was the must-have baby product when I was pregnant, and along with all the other moms of newborns that I knew at the time, I bought one, despite the nagging doubt that I was wasting $40 on a blob of plastic. The buzz on the Internet swayed me – rave reviews from other moms […]

The Anti-Black Friday Day – Buy Nothing Day, November 28

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. This year, with the credit crisis, the shops might be a little quieter. Or maybe not, as retailers slash prices even more than usual to attempt to get the customers in their stores and spending money. Black Friday is […]

I love my swing. I hate my swing. I…

I have a love-hate relationship with many of my favorite baby products. There are those magic wands which help our babies fall asleep (think: pacifiers), and we love them for that – until the baby can’t live without them. Or worse yet, it gets lost (think: favorite stuffed animals). Then we hate those things. But […]

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