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Olympics, gender, and motherhood – now and then

When Dara Torres (US), and Constantina Tomescu (Romania) won medals last week in swimming and marathon, respectively, nobody batted an eyelid. Why should they? Many other women like them –Paula Radcliffe (UK, long distance runner) and Lindsay Davenport (US, tennis player), to name a few – have achieved athletic feats not unheard of in this […]

Parents as Olympic Coaches

As the 2008 Beijing Olympics continue, some faces are becoming so familiar to the average viewer they know them without an identifying caption: Michael Phelps, Dara Torres, Kobe Bryant, Katie Hoff, LeBron James, Debbie Phelps. Oh wait, you think to yourself, Michael Phelps has a sister in the Olympics? No, Debbie Phelps is Michael’s mother, […]

Let’s Take Back Sports for the Kids

Many parents?like myself?have long viewed sports as a positive part of childhood. My son has participated in soccer, basketball and/or baseball for many years. I thought they were a way to teach him responsibility, teamwork, respect for adult authority figures, physical fitness, and more. But it seems like the message didn’t get through to some […]

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