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Chemicals Are Worse Than Dirt For Your Crawling Baby

I like to joke that my son is the cutest mop I ever did see. What I don’t find to be cute is all the dust and pet hair that clings to him as he’s crawling around the house. I also worry about the “unseen” things that cling to him when my floors are spotless […]

Review: Germ Guardian Air Filter System

I’m a big fan of air cleaning systems because, for one reason or another, my house always seems to be assaulted by dust no matter what I do to try to combat it. So when Germ Guardian offered to send me a free air filter to try out in my dust-infested home, I jumped on […]

Dirty Is The New Healthy. Are We Keeping Our Kids Too Clean?

Sandpit cowboys. That’s what I call my twin boys. At age 6 and a half, they still love the sandbox at the playground more than ever. OK, school, soccer and field hockey (with or without inline skates) keep them busy most of the time. However, they will go back to the sandbox at every opportunity, […]

Using Face Paints Safely at Halloween

Oh no! Not another Halloween warning to dampen our spirits. Every year, we parents are faced with the choice of locking our kids in (thus protecting them from harm) or letting them out and enjoy childhood for a little bit longer. Mrs H’s Halloween Safety Tips just about said it all. Now, there’s nothing like […]

Mmmm, Worms and Muck! Is Dirt Good For Your Baby?

This week, the New York Times says that dirt and worms are actually good for your baby. Babies love putting horrible stuff in their mouths. Rediscovered ancient cheerios dropped weeks ago, fluff from under the bed, and grot they find in the grass at the park. I know a couple of babies who love to […]

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