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BUI: Breastfeeding Under the Influence

What do you think about the mother in this case? A 26-year-old North Dakota mom was arrested for breastfeeding her baby while she was drunk. Police were called to her home to investigate a domestic disturbance, and found Stacey Anvarinia breastfeeding her 6-week-old baby. The officers believed that she was drunk and arrested her. Last […]

The link between birth outcomes and minimum drinking age limit

Many people in the US think that the minimum legal drinking age of 21 (MLDA 21) is just too old – one of the highest in the world, in fact. After all, most 18-year old Americans can drive, vote, be legally employed, get married without parental consent, and enlist in the military. In the other […]

Drug and alcohol test for pregnant women required

A bill (Senate Bill 1065/ House Bill 890) being pushed in Tennessee is requiring that all pregnant women be tested for alcohol and illegal drug use as part of their prenatal care. While at first glance, the proposed law seems benevolent enough, it is a very controversial bill, with the question as to whose rights […]

The ads your kids are exposed to on the way to school

On the way to school on Monday, pay attention and look at the ads that your and your kids are bombarded with. According to this study conducted by Australian researchers, children are exposed to ads for junk food, sweets, soft drinks and alcohol 5 times more than healthy foods on the way to school than […]

Alcohol consumption and breastfeeding

It’s a popular belief that alcohol consumption actually helps in milk production. I’ve never tried this myself during my breastfeeding – er- rather breast milk pumping months but some mothers swear to this technique. The question is – is there scientific evidence to support this belief? And perhaps, an even more important question is how […]

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