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Pregnancy and X-Rays: Should You Be Concerned?

So here’s the complete and honest truth, most scientists disagree as to exactly what amount of damage brief and low radiation x-rays pose to your fetus. They agree that the effects may be small, but they don’t know how it affects an unborn baby, how much is safe, or at what level does it cross […]

Tips for flying with a baby

As a general rule, I don’t like to travel, so I haven’t been through an airport in several years. And while I have flown with an infant before, this was different. When I flew with my son, he was only three months old, and he slept the whole way in this cool little bassinet they […]

Parents Forget Three Year Old At Airport

Earlier this week, a family of seven (two parents, five children) were leaving Israel for a European vacation on one of the busiest travel days of the year in that country. Unfortunately, while the parents remembered their duty free purchases and all 18 pieces of luggage, they forgot their three year old daughter. The girl […]

How Quickly We Forget

I somewhat remember being a DINK – Double Income No Kids – and getting slightly annoyed whenever a kid would act up in public, but nowadays when another kid acts up in public all I do is feel bad for the parents and say a little prayer of thanks in my head that it isn’t […]

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