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TSA Provides Relief for Families

Anyone who has traveled by air since 9-11, knows about the increased security measures before entering the boarding area for flight travel. Going through the security lanes can be difficult, even for the seasoned traveler, traveling alone. From needing to place all toiletries and cosmetics in sizes no greater than 3 ounces. in carry-ons in […]

Air Travel: Helping your Baby Cope With Jetlag

I am writing this partly because it’s 5 a.m. and we are both wide awake (Correction. Toddler: wideawake. Brit: caffeinated awake) and it’s a shameless plea for sympathy. My two-year-old has racked up more Air Miles than your average Midwesterner. Doesn’t appreciate them of course, he was seriously disapointed that you can’t buy tree frogs […]

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