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Life Expectancy: Good News for Your Baby

Can you imagine your toddler growing up to be 80? 90? 100? It’s not as unlikely as you think. What a paradox. Children nowadays are purported to be unhealthy – overweight, sedentary, raised on junk food and hooked to the TV and the Internet. They are likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. On […]

Broccoli May Help Boost Aging Immune System

Here is another motivation to eat our broccoli! Our immune system declines as we get older. Our body gradually loses the capacity to fight infections and other diseases. But eating broccoli might just give our failing immune system a boost. Researchers from UCLA have found that sulforaphane, a chemical abundant in broccoli and other cruciferous […]

Exercise and aging: those who live slow will die young

Physical activity keeps you young while sedentary lifestyle shortens your life. This is the result of a UK-based study on aging. Basically, they compared the lengths of telomeres in active and sedentary individuals. Telomeres are found at the ends of a person’s chromosomes and they help protect the DNA from wearing down. They become shorter […]

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