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Review: The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms

I love books for new parents that really tell it like it is while also infusing some humor into the mix, so I was really excited to read this book by Erica Wells and Lorraine Regel. It seems to me that every new mom should have some type of book that will assure them they […]

Book Review: Your Pregnancy for the Father-To-Be

I should start off my review by warning you that I’m always elated by any product that prompts fathers to step up and support the women bearing their children, and although we women all know that there is no way in God’s Green Earth that a man can ever understand what we’re going through when […]

How To Handle Unwanted Advice?

“Don’t feed her solids yet, she’s too young!” “She should have shoes on when she goes out.” “Stop touching her cheeks and she’ll stop drooling.” “You should supplement with formula, it doesn’t look like you have enough milk.” Some of this advice comes from well-meaning friends. Some of them come from meddling relatives. What do […]

Watching Our Words

I used to read baby advice books voraciously. I wanted to make sure that I was doing everything I could to make sure that my babies were getting what they needed from me so that they could grow up to be brilliant, self-assured adults. So I read a ton of advice books, perused a wide […]

Breastfeeding Advice- Don’t Listen

Breastfeeding is something is one of the most personal aspects of motherhood. The baby is being nourished form the mother?s body in a way that excludes the rest of the world from participation. So why is it that everyone else seems to feel they have a say in it? Some mothers catch flack from others […]

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