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On helmets and safety

The tragic death of Natasha Richardson on the ski slopes has sparked a debate on whether wearing helmets should be mandatory while skiing. Winter sports is a big thing here in Switzerland where we are currently living. Everybody skis, well, almost everybody, and I am one of the very few who can’t or don’t. Swiss […]

Reducing stress on kids during the holidays

Hey, mommies and daddies, are the holidays stressing you out? I, for one, admit it – yes, they do. And I can understand why “mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again.” But did it ever occur to you that the holiday season can also be stressful to kids? According to the […]

The risks of induced labor

Have you ever considered inducing labor? A friend of mine did this – twice. And with the help of her midwife. Each time, she wanted to deliver a few days before her due date in order to be able to fly to attend a wedding party. The first time it worked out and everything went […]

Holiday shopping tips

During the busy holiday season, I’ve found that when you need to order specific gifts for kids, like board games, video games, and sports jerseys, it’s best to save yourself the hassle of running around. Instead, place an order online. With these gifts, it’s not the thought that counts—the kids have already done the thinking. […]

The ads your kids are exposed to on the way to school

On the way to school on Monday, pay attention and look at the ads that your and your kids are bombarded with. According to this study conducted by Australian researchers, children are exposed to ads for junk food, sweets, soft drinks and alcohol 5 times more than healthy foods on the way to school than […]

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