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How Your Life Changes Once Baby Becomes a Toddler

Something strange happens right around the time your last child gets out of diapers, or at least it happened to me and the majority of my fellow mom friends. After having spent so much time focusing on everyone else’s needs and accepting sleep deprivation as fact for so long, you rub your eyes and take […]

5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

Our daughter is three years old and just beginning to understand the concept of Valentine’s Day. While Feb. 14 rolls around every year, it’s this time that she is associating all those hearts and flowers and boxes of candy with love – at least for her parents. So we decided to set aside time each […]

Tree Time

It’s finally spring, and if you’re looking for an outdoor activity that both you and your kids will enjoy, head outdoors. Whether it’s your own backyard or in a local park, go out and enjoy the spring weather. And while you’re at it, make it a learning experience for both you and the kids with […]

Manage & limit kids’ tv time

Everything in moderation seems to be a good motto for, well, just about everything. When it comes to children watching television, there are several ways to discourage them from becoming couch potatoes: Keep other fun activities, such as puzzles, board games, books and art supplies in the same room as the television, to remind kids […]

5 Cheap and Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Need some ideas for activities with your little ones this weekend? If you’ve already done them, they’re so much fun, they bear repeating! Set up an inflatable pool in your backyard and have the kids wade around in it (with supervision, of course). Get beach paraphernalia, like buckets, scoops, etc., or other water toys and […]

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