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Review: The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms

The Survival Guide for Rookie MomsI love books for new parents that really tell it like it is while also infusing some humor into the mix, so I was really excited to read this book by Erica Wells and Lorraine Regel. It seems to me that every new mom should have some type of book that will assure them they are not going through anything that other moms everywhere haven’t already gone through. For example, my son would bite me while nursing enthusiastically and often. All the books I turned to simply mentioned what to do when a baby occasionally nibbled during a breastfeeding session, but what I needed to hear is that some babies channel pit bulls and that other moms have experienced the same thing as I did.

That’s the type of thing this book is good for. There are plenty of snippets from experienced moms who reveal what they have gone through and what they wish they would have known before becoming new moms. Sometimes all it takes is knowing that you’re not alone to make you feel a little less overwhelmed.

What I liked About The Book

There were a few things that I really liked about this book. There is an entire chapter devoted to the back problems that can result from pregnancy and lugging babies around. I never had back problems until I had kids, and all the ladies I know who also have back problems are in the same situation. This book warns new moms to not strain their backs and offers a few suggestions on how to keep back muscles strong. If I had read this a few years ago I would have saved myself a small fortune in chiropractic and massage therapist bills.

I also love the section written for new dads, particularly because the book reveals that sometimes there is nothing more hot than a guy who does housework without being asked to do so by his exhausted wife. This is a little piece of advice that should be issued to men the minute their wives discover the pregnancy test is positive.

A lot of information is packed into this book. There are a couple of pieces of advice that will promptly be ignored by new moms (Page 11 – “There’s no need to do anything about cradle cap.” Really? No mom is going to ignore a scaly scalp, no matter what a book says.), but all in all it’s a good read.

I Would Recommend It!

I recommend The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms as a good supplement to the many other books new moms will inevitably buy. It may not have all of the information new moms need, but it has some great information that will help them navigate new motherhood while maybe also giving them some chuckles along the way.

How to Buy

You can pick up a copy of The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms at (Also available  in Kindel format!)

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