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Review: Paperback Swap

I’m a busy mom. When I want to read a certain book, I have a few different options:

  1. Go to the library and hope it’s in stock while also hoping that my kids don’t flip out and start screaming, eliciting many tsk-tsk glances from the other library visitors who apparently have never seen kids flip out before.
  1. Go to the bookstore and usher my kids past the many strategically-placed toys throughout the store so I can get to the book I want. There is also a high likelihood of children flipping out here too.
  1. Go online and pay too much for a book that really, I probably won’t have a chance to read very quickly anyhow because I’m oftentimes dealing with children who are flipping out.

As you can probably guess, there are far too many scenarios in my life where trying to get my hands on a certain book will result in someone flipping out -whether it’s my kids or me or both- so this is why I was so pleased to get started with Paperback Swap. This is an online book swapping network that doesn’t cost anything to join and has an impressive revolving catalog of books to choose from.

Here Is How Paperback Swap Works:

  1. I registered for the site. It doesn’t cost anything to register. I then listed 10 of my own paperback books that I’m willing to part with. This was easy for me; I love to read, but I usually only read books once and then send them off to the library as donations. For this reason, parting with books is not a big deal for me. I quickly found 9 books to offer, and then just to see if anyone would want it, I listed one of the books I’ve written.
  1. Once I submitted the list of books, I immediately started receiving requests for the books I listed. Paperback Swap gave me the option of either paying for the postage directly through the site or paying for the postage at the post office. I chose to pay on my own, but did print up the address labels the site provided.
  1. I confirmed with the site that I had sent the books. Within a couple of days I started receiving notifications to send more of the books on my list (including the one I wrote, woohoo!) and also got notifications that people had received the books I’d sent.
  1. Once people confirmed that they had received the books I was then allowed to go in and request some books to be sent to me, free of charge. The selection was impressive; I ordered a cookbook, a social commentary book I’ve been wanting to read for quite some time, and even gave my husband the chance to pick out some books he wanted too.

There was one book I’ve been wanting to read for a while that wasn’t listed, so I put it on my “Wish List.” Within a day, someone registered the book and I was able to request it. Now I have books on the way to me that I didn’t have to pay for and I’m also receiving very nice “thank you” messages from the people I sent books to.

If you ask me, this is a great system and I plan on continuing to use it. Once I get all the books I want I may start delving into books my kids might like because they have plenty of those books available too.

As long as you are willing to pay the postage to send books out, you’ll probably love this system as much as I do. Besides, after spending a day dealing with children flipping out, there is nothing like coming home to a paperback book sitting in the mailbox.

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