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Review: Messy Face

My kids have always been voracious readers, even when it amounted to little more than them gumming on books and squealing in delight at the pictures.? I’m always on the lookout for clever books to give to babies because it seems like everyone I know is getting ready to have another baby, but that’s another story entirely.

Recently I got to take a peek at a really cute baby book: Messy Face by Elizabeth Caunter.? It’s simple, but brilliant; she takes photos of an adorable smiling baby and puts little dobs of baby food on the face, then adds text like “Peas on your nose!”? I know my kiddos would have loved this book when they were babies because – as we all know – babies like to look at other babies.? The fact that this baby is smiling and has food all over her face, well, that’s a winning combination for making other babies laugh.

The author also pledged to donate a portion of the profits to Project Cuddle, which is an organization that offers crisis intervention services to pregnant women.? I don’t know exactly how much of the profits are donated, but you have to applaud someone who is willing to give up some profit in order to help other people.

I give this book a big thumbs up for the vibrant colors, beautiful photography, and the model baby who made me smile too.? I only saw an electronic version of this book so I can’t tell you if the printed version is as?appealing, but my guess is that it is.? I like the colors used for the backgrounds of the photos and I think the text works well with the whole concept.

Bottom line: This book will make babies laugh, and maybe older kids too.? My guess is that babies will also enjoy staring at the pages for extended periods of time…or at least as long as a baby’s attention can be held.

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