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Review: Doodle Roll

When I received two Doodle Rolls in the mail from Imagination Brands to review, I quickly stuffed them in my purse before the kids caught glimpses of these fun kits. I knew exactly when and where I would pull the Doodle Rolls out for the kids to try; every Sunday after church a bunch of us meet up for lunch at a restaurant and sometimes keeping all the kids in the group happy and occupied proves to be a challenge. Upon my first quick glance at the Doodle Rolls, I was pretty sure these would be a big hit.

A Clever Product

The Doodle Rolls are pretty basic, but awfully clever. The plastic container holds a roll of paper in one compartment and crayons in another. It’s all inclusive – you hand your kid the package and there is everything he or she needs in order to get creative right away. I like how the package is set up, because the roll of paper can be perforated easily. This allows kids (or parents) to easily decide how much paper they want to use.

If you’re wondering how my kids reacted to these Doodle Rolls, I want you to picture a crowded casual dining restaurant. We had just gotten to the point to where the kids were getting restless but the adults were still trying to enjoy the meal when I pulled the two Doodle Rolls out of my purse. My daughter (who is a huge fan of anything crafty) squealed in delight and immediately went to work drawing with her friend. My son was skeptical at first until I showed him how the paper comes out in a long roll, and then he was sold. My son and his friend pulled out generous lengths of paper and together colored a story that had something to do with Star Wars, zombies, and horses.

The Doodle Roll Was a Big Hit

All the kids in attendance enjoyed these Doodle Rolls immensely. The parents were impressed too, but when it comes right down to it, I think the opinion of the kids is what really matters here. The age range of the kids with us at lunch were from around 4 years old up to 9 years old, and all of them had a great time with these kits (the suggested age range is 3+). I do wish I would have had access to Doodle Rolls back when my kids were younger; it would have been great to have one of these in my purse to whip out while sitting in waiting rooms or while grocery shopping.

If your young child enjoys doodling, there is an excellent chance that these Doodle Rolls will be a big hit.


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