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Now that’s handy!

A fellow blogger?s post about the convenience of drive-through pharmacies and reserved parking for families sparked this post. (Actually, the idea crossed my mind when I was at the supermarket recently, but I quickly forgot; blame it on baby, noisy kids and lack of sleep).

I have noticed some very convenient and even clever planning at a few of our area supermarkets. Our local Giant Food and the Acme Supermarket in a neighboring town both have canisters of antibacterial wipes propped conveniently near the stores? entry-ways. As a mom, I am always concerned about avoiding the spread of germs, and really appreciate being able to de-germ the handle of my shopping cart. I will appreciate this even more when our baby is able to sit up in the cart (although I do plan on purchasing a fabric seat-cover for him to sit on-another great way to avoid germs!).

Something else that impressed me at the Acme, was its bread-aisle. In between the shelves of bread, was a shelf, right at eye-level, with peanut butter, jams and jellies, mustard, mayo?you get the picture. What a great idea: grab the ingredients for your kids? PB & J all in one spot.

Another nearby store, Genuardi?s, has always struck me as being particularly family-friendly. Just inside the front door, as you enter the produce section, there is a refrigerated case with milk, eggs, orange juice and other staples. I know that there are many times when I run into the store for some of these staple items, along with one or two other things; this store?s set-up is a real time-saver during such stops.

Something that I have yet to see in another store is the play area in a Shop Rite that?s about 15 minutes away. I have yet to drop my kids there but will definitely bring the baby when he?s older. It?s a big playroom with toys, a TV playing kids? videos, coloring and other activities. Of course, there is a ?baby-sitter? to watch the kids and it?s very ?high-security?; the door is locked and only opened when parents show their i.d.s.

I so appreciate when businesses go out of their way to make things easier for parents with small children. Have any of you seen family-friendly ideas such as these in your community?

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