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New Veggietales Adventure, “The Pirates That Don’t Do Anything”

newveggietalesadventure.jpg“What kind of crazy B movie did I find myself in? Attack of the killer cheese curls? Oi!”

Catchy music, sharp wit, good life lessons and all the greens you need to make sure your movie platter is nutritionally balanced, the new big screen adventure in the wildly popular home-sales phenomenon “Veggietales” serves up two thumbs up. “The Pirates That Don’t Do Anything” is smart, entertaining and a great movie for both kids and parents alike. This film mixes both clever humor and fun with a strong and effective underlying moral lesson without coming across as preachy or overly repetitive. While many of the previous Veggietales cartoons and adventures have been solely based around bible lessons and stories, this film manages to avoid any direct religious connotations while still maintaining a solid good Christian ideal and lesson.

The dialogue in the film was one of the most impressive features, carrying a very crisp adult vocabulary and tone without being overly complicated for small children to understand. I respect the writers of this film in taking a risk with the dialogue and not succumbing to other films’ recent trend to overly simplify and dumb-down content targeted for children. The characters display a very well trimmed sense of humor and timing, while working in dialogue to support the main moral theme without having to directly spell it out. The characters have a very smart sense of humor and displays elements of satire as well as a touch of absurdity without going over the top. This is a very refreshing and encouraging film that gives me hope that other popular childrens’ media companies will follow in the footsteps of.

The worst thing popular media has done lately in my opinion is underestimating our childrens’ intelligence and ability to comprehend complex situations and conversations. This film is both fun and easy to follow along with while still being exciting and attention holding even in sections where the tone slows from the fast quips to a more sincere rhythm. The musical numbers are also very well put together and entertaining, and the kids in the theater along with my three month were bopping along to the delight of all the parents present. If you are going to see one film this year with your child, I recommend that you see this one, I promise you wont be disappointed, have your intelligence insulted or leave feeling like you have wasted your money. This film earns every penny of your ticket price

This is one helping of vegetables your child will not turn their noses up at!

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