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Losing the Baby Weight…Finally

I’m not sure at what point it becomes ridiculous to refer to my excess weight as “baby weight,” but as I near my baby’s seventh birthday I’m pretty sure that I am no longer allowed to use the weight I gained during my two pregnancies as my excuse anymore.

You May Know This Story Already

My story is probably pretty similar to many of your stories. I never seriously struggled with my weight until after I went through a couple of pregnancies. With my first baby, the weight started coming off somewhat quickly after giving birth, but then when I turned around less than a year later and got pregnant again, I quickly found that my hunger skyrocketed as I continued to breastfeed until my fifth month of pregnancy. I’m sure my caloric needs were elevated, but I used my situation as an excuse to eat whatever I darn well pleased, whenever I wanted it.

Unfortunately, my trend of eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted kept on even after I had my second baby. It also kept on after I weaned him. Even when I had no viable excuse for eating like a crazy woman, I still kept eating like a crazy woman.

The Scale Doesn’t Move

A couple of years ago I started working out with a personal trainer. I got really strong and I did lose inches, but the scale hardly moved. I figured I was just destined to be larger and chalked up my weight to all the muscle I was schlepping around. What I realize now is that while I was indeed gaining muscle, I was also still eating every meal as though it was my last.

Then I talked to a nutritionist who told me to try tracking my calories and exercise. After I finished balking about the idea of tracking calories, I went ahead and signed up for MyFitnessPal, largely because it was free and because I was told it was easy to use.

Tracking What I Eat

It turns out that I was eating way too much. I already kind of knew this, but I didn’t realize the extent. I’m now in my third month of using MyFitnessPal, and I’m down 15 pounds. If you’re like me and you always figured that the scale just didn’t move for you because you’re a scientific anomaly, I suggest trying out this free website/phone appĀ  and see if the scale starts to move for you too. Input what you eat and what exercise you get, and just don’t eat beyond your allowed calories. It’s pretty simple.

Just to clarify, MyFitnessPal didn’t ask me to write this blog. I finally found something that works for me, and so I’m glad to pass it along to you.

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