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Diaper Bags for Men

As one of the internet’s biggest self-professed “Dadvocates,” I revel in guy friendly baby gear. I’m one of those guys who absolutely loves having just the right bag, duffel or ruck for the right situation and so I have, let’s just say, a “few” bags at home. It’s like many of our dads told us, “the right tool, for the right job.” Knowing that you guys don’t necessarily want to carry the lovely bag your wife uses that she got from her baby shower, I thought I’d apprise you of your options. What do you want in a daddy diaper bag? Skulls and flames? Camo? Sports team’s logos and colors? Maybe you’re in the market for something a little more refined, but whatever you’re looking for, dozens of dad approved designs are just a mouse-click away! So, buckle up and hold on as we take a brief look at a few.

Diaper Bags for Men

My search for the coolest diaper bags for men showed me one thing, you can find them in traditional brick and mortar stores, but you’ll probably find the widest array of options online. The first site which caught my eye was:

  • Diaper Dude DeluxeDiaper Dude – This site doesn’t cater specifically to dad and offers stylish baby gear for mom as well but their selection of dad approved baggage is great! Their style offerings aren’t so varied as you get essentially three to choose from: backpack, messenger, and satchel. Those three styles do come in a variety of colors and with a few different graphic design elements to choose from. The Diaper Dude Deluxe Dude and Diaper Dude Pleather Messenger II in brown are among my favorites, along with the camo options of course. A great feature of this site is the videos included on the product pages showing the bag’s features.
  • Diaper VestDadGear – floored me with a huge selection of well thought out gear in a variety of designs and styles. This site offers dads designs in everything from camo, to urban professional, to collegiate team colors and some interesting innovations. For styles you get: backpacks, messengers, satchels, courier bags and their innovative line of vests and jackets. There are so many bags to look at; I suggest you take on that task. What I want to show you here are the diaper vests. Yes, you heard it! Diaper vests. Now you can wear your diaper bag and no one’s the wiser. I’d suggest keeping the vest (and Cargo Jacket) to those short jaunts with baby where you won’t need the full complement of childcare accouterments but you should be good to go for your morning jog, or short trips around town running errands. As with Diaper Dude you can also watch videos of their products.

Designer Diaper Bags

If you’re in the mood for high end, dad baggery with flair, then check out the following sites:
Brad Pitt with Bag

  • Storksak – carries the diaper bag of choice that dad of dads, Brad Pitt uses. It’s called the Jamie 601 and is offered in black and brown.
  • Next up is Fleurville – Fleurville’s DJ Bag is actually my favorite look of all the bags mentioned here and is available in several colors, including a very cool British style desert camo pattern.

And there you have it dads, bags o’ plenty! Whether you are fashion forward, a rugged outdoorsman, sporty, or the business professional, you will find something that has synergy with your style sensibilities.

Honorable Mention

For those of you who like one stop shopping, check out Babies R’ Us as they carry several of these brands, including bags by Timberland and Eddie Bauer. If you’ve found some daddy bag awesomeness that we didn’t feature here, post up a link in the comments and share with the rest of us.

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