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Book Review: Baby MedBasics

When I was pregnant with my first baby I was given a thick reference book that had nearly any baby ailment listed along with possible home remedies and cautions for when it was time to head to the hospital. The book proved invaluable the first time my baby threw up, the first time my baby had a fever, and even the time she knocked over a snow globe and grabbed a big chunk of jagged glass and cut herself. Not necessarily a batch of fond memories, but as a new mom it was nice to have a guide that told me when to panic and when to try not to panic.

The only complaint I had about that guide was that it was large and sometimes difficult to navigate. Frankly, after I’d been thrown up on three or four times by my baby, I really didn’t enjoy the process of sifting through the index to find the right page number for the info I needed.

The Solution

That’s why I was so impressed with Baby MedBasics by Luke and Tara Hermann. Instead of a cumbersome book, it’s a compact hardcover guide with tabbed sections. It’s small enough to stuff into a diaper bag, but durable enough to handle…well…being in a diaper bag. The tabbed sections are brilliant. If I grabbed this book after my daughter’s notorious snow globe incident, I would be able to immediately flip to the section about bleeding without fumbling with an index.

Tabbed Sections for Ease During Freak Outs

Each section gives step-by-step instructions for what to do for the injury or illness your baby encounters. I’m convinced this book was written for the panicked parent, simply because it’s laid out in a format that is easily navigated. Flip to the section for “Bites & Stings” and you’ll get a little tidbit about animal bite statistics followed by a numbered instruction list of what to do if your baby is bitten. There is also a list of things to look for when deciding whether or not your baby needs to be seen by a doctor.

The book delivers concise information without an onslaught of fluff or illustrations, yet still manages to have an appealing look to it. Baby MedBasics is very streamlined and would make an excellent gift for a new parent who, like me, might freak out the first time the baby has a rash. A book like this one might help lessen the freak out because it explains what to do and when to head to the doctor.

A Basic Guide

The title does reveal one important aspect to remember about this book: it’s all about basics. There is not a ton of information in this small reference book, so I suggest having this book as a quick reference but still having a more comprehensive book available for those late nights when your baby is acting weird, your laptop’s broken so you can’t access the Web, and your pediatrician would be less than thrilled to hear from you in the middle of the night (again).

This book is just one more example of clever items I really wish I had with my newborn. Baby MedBasics would have saved me a lot of time and stress. You can’t prevent your baby from all illnesses and injuries, but you can have the resources available to deal with these illnesses and injuries with confidence.



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