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Baby Traveller Deluxe Diaper Bag Review

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Let me preface this review of the Baby Traveller Deluxe diaper bag by Gr8X stating that I am extremely picky when it comes to bags. I’m so picky that when I find a purse I like, I carry it until it’s threadbare, the strap held on by a safety pin, the zipper broken so it doesn’t close entirely and when it tips the wrong way, the contents dump out.

I was equally picky selecting a diaper bag; it was one of the last items I added to my baby registry. I like the one I have, but it’s similar to many others on the market — functional, but not particularly noteworthy.

Then the Babies Online owner posted a link to the Baby Traveller Deluxe. After checking out the specs and style on the Web site, I responded with the enthusiasm of a kindergartner trying to get the teacher’s attention. “I MUST have this diaper bag!” I said.

I loved it before it even arrived on my doorstep. This bag is different!

I couldn’t decide which selling point I like best:

    The unique fabric colors and styles, suitable for Mommy or Daddy to carry; (The bag comes in a choice of red, black, black w/ a panel of Realtree™ camouflage, and classic woodland camo.)
    The adjustable backpack straps, combined with a classic shoulder strap and a briefcase-style handle, providing a variety of carrying options;
    The extra long changing pad;
    The drawstring bungee to hold a blanket or breastfeeding wrap;
    The removable stroller straps;
    The outside zippered pocket, giving me easy access to items I use frequently, like my wallet.
    The detachable cell phone holder and insulated bottle holder

Keep in mind, these features caught my eye before I even started using the bag. When I stocked it up, I began to appreciate the multiple inside pockets that keep the bag organized and its capability to carry a LOT of stuff in a relatively compact space.

What’s inside this bag?

Open it up via the easy-to-use-with-just-one-hand buckles, and the bag unfolds into two separate sections, featuring:

    Five elasticized “pouch” pockets
    One zippered pocket
    Two mesh compartments, one divided into three separate sections

The extra long changing pad stores in the center to save space.

Let me compare this bag to my experiences with a “typical” diaper bag:

Last week, out to dinner with my old diaper bag, I spent 15 minutes searching for my daughter’s fork and spoon set so she could “eat” with us. (She loves playing with her plastic spoon). It had somehow fallen to the bottom of the diaper bag, beneath her spare outfit, mail I had to drop at the post office, my wallet and cell phone, the baby first aid kit, baby wipes, her teething drops, and random toys. You know what I’m talking about here, Moms!

The organizer pockets in the Baby Traveller Deluxe keep everything in its own separate compartments, easy to find. And if you forgot where you put something, the mesh pockets let you see at a glance. I keep the things I’m likely to need in a hurry, such as teething drops, Boogie wipes, baby wipes, q-tips and her aspirator, in those pockets. And that fork and spoon!

Plenty of diapers store easily in the zippered pocket. Of course, each Mom is different, and the bag provides plenty of flexibility for placing things wherever you feel they will best fit.

I like to keep my “own” items, since I rarely carry a purse anymore, in the zippered outside pocket where they are secure but easy to reach. Those bills that need to be mailed, shopping list, and diaper coupons tuck into the other outside pocket, which snaps shut.

The only thing I’d ask the manufacturers to add in the next version is a clear plastic bag to hold dirty clothes and diapers. I added my own from my old diaper bag, and it fits like it belongs in the longer mesh pocket.

When I finished loading up the bag, I was able to add things that wouldn’t fit in my old bag. Now I carry a jarred baby food holder/dish, a few extra bibs, and two extra outfits instead of just one. (Can you tell I’m a new mom?)

I also tuck my breastfeeding wrap and a receiving blanket in the bungee holder. (A receiving blanket is like rope: you don’t know what you’ll need it for, you just know you’ll need it.)

My husband asked how much stuff I was going to pack away in there, worrying that if it got too heavy, he’d have to lug it around. Then I folded up the bag. My husband studied it and said, “With all that stuff in there, it still seems smaller than our old bag!” It also feels lighter than a conventional diaper bag, but maybe that’s just because it’s so ergonomic.

The Baby Traveller Deluxe excels at stowing a lot of stuff in a compact space. The bag even fits better than my old bag in the mesh basket beneath the stroller.

How did it do in field testing?

Whether you use the shoulder strap, backpack straps, or the briefcase handle, the bag is lightweight and ergonomic to carry. Using the detachable shoulder straps affixes the bag securely to the stroller, and it’s still easy to remove with one hand. (Do Moms ever get to use both their hands to do anything?)

The real question, however, is: How easy is it to get what you need, when you need it, during a day of shopping, a family vacation or a trip to the park?

It was easy to open and unfold the bag and place the changing pad on the public bathroom changing table, while holding my daughter in one arm. Because you can change your baby right on the bag, everything you need is within arms’ reach. Clean up and fold up when we were done went just as smoothly. The buckles are even easier to use than zippers.

The Baby Traveller Deluxe is so well-constructed I don’t think I’ll see the day when I have to hold it together with duct tape and safety pins. It’s machine-washable and also has a two-year warranty, so it will definitely see my daughter into her toddler years in good condition. I have found my dream diaper bag; I’ll be using the Baby Traveller Deluxe until my daughter outgrows the need for it.

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