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Warming, Healthy, Winter Breakfasts

warminghealthybreakfasts.jpgOatmeal has been in the news a lot recently. You probably know all about it’s cholesterol reducing properties, it’s high-fiber and low fat, it’s digested slowly and makes you feel full for longer so it’s a great food for dieters. And it’s cheap – a big tub of instant oatmeal is under $2 in my local supermarket.

It’s also reputed to stimulate breastmilk production in nursing moms.

But it tastes so…. blah. Here’s some ideas to make fast, tasty, healthy, warming, cheap breakfasts for a mom and older baby or toddler with oatmeal – also known as porridge in Scotland (and our house).

Purple Porridge

Ingredients – Instant oatmeal, milk, applesauce, handful of frozen blueberries.

Benefits – Calcium, antioxidants, two servings of fruit, loads of vitamins.

Remove blueberries from freezer and rinse away frost with warm water.
Prepare oatmeal with packet instructions. Stir in a blob of applesauce, about a third to a half of a small pot, and the blueberries. Stir and let sit for a few minutes so the blueberries defrost in the hot oatmeal.

My 20-month-old son calls this spotty pod, purple pod, or boobie pod. Well, how do you pronounce blueberries when you can’t say L or R?

You can use fresh blueberries too, if they are available. Or try strawberries, blackberries, or cherries, halved or chopped.

Adaption for younger babies – substitute baby oatmeal, whatever milk or formula you use, smooth applesauce, and mashed or pureed berries.

Orange Porridge

Ingredients – Instant oatmeal, milk, applesauce, apricot jelly, chopped unsalted almonds (optional)

Benefits – Calcium, the good fats in nuts, protein, vitamin A

Prepare oatmeal, then stir in applesauce, jelly and almonds, if using. You can also use chopped, dried apricots instead of the jelly, added to the milk and oatmeal at the start of cooking.

Adaption for younger babies – substitute baby oatmeal, whatever milk or formula you use, smooth applesauce, puree the apricots or apricot jelly, or use apricot baby food, and omit the nuts.

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