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Participating in a Crib Recall

Our daughter?s crib has been recalled. While we?ve gone through recalls before for our cars and some random house hold items, we?d never had what?s essentially a major piece of furniture recalled, and weren?t quite sure what to expect when participating in a crib recall. Here?s what the recall involved for us.

The first step was finding out about the recall. Watching the evening news one night, my husband noticed that they were showing our exact crib make and model on a recall report. We rewound the program (thank you, DVR!) and were able to hear the entire report, stating that the crib our daughter sleeps in is part of a major, yet voluntary, recall of baby cribs. (A good source for recall information is the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website or your very own Babies Online Blog recall section)

Since our daughter?s crib was part of a voluntary, not mandatory, recall, we needed to contact the manufacturer and register the crib as part of the recall, including the model number on the tag stuck to the side of the crib. We then accessed the company?s Web site, filled out an online form with our information, and waited about two weeks to receive the necessary paperwork back from the company. The paperwork included another form, instructions on how to proceed and a return shipping label. The instructions told us to take apart the crib and send in the bolts and some other miscellaneous hardware from the crib, so that it could not be reassembled.

We complied, taking apart the crib and mailing back the parts. Fortunately, still have the Pack N Play that we used quite often as a second crib when our daughter was an infant. It?s not the most comfortable place for her to sleep now as a toddler (she does wake up more frequently) but it’s safer than the recalled crib.

Soon, we will receive a voucher in the mail to purchase a new crib of equal or lesser value at the store where we purchased the original crib. We?re looking forward to selecting a new, safer crib, and getting our daughter back into a crib with a comfy mattress and packing away the Pack N Play once and for all!

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