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Now it’s the pistachios that’s contaminated with Salmonella

Now it's the pistachios that's contaminated with SalmonellaFirst it was the peanuts and the peanut butter. Now it’s the pistachios which have Salmonella. And it’s products containing pistachios that are being recalled by the US FDA. The contaminated products are those of Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc., Terra Bella, Calif. Using a technique called DNA fingerprinting, the FDA was able to determine that the Salmonella type found in the Setton pistachios is the same one that caused illnesses in several people, including a child who suffered from gastroenteritis. The recalled products range from in-shell to shelled nuts, snack bars, ice cream and cakes.

Salmonella is a bacterial species that causes the foodborne illness samonellosis. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and flu-like symptoms.

Does this mean we, as consumers, should be scared? Not really. The best way to protect ourselves and our families is by simply keeping up with the recall updates. With the technology at our fingertips nowadays, this is easier than ever. The FDA has created a database of recalled pistachio products which is searchable and accessible to the public. In addition, the FDA has even set up a twitter account on the recalls that you can follow! Now isn’t technology amazing? If only technology can prevent food contamination in the first place…

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