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Be Mindful of Baby In Backseat

Every summer, temperatures reach scorching levels, climbing to triple digits in some states. Every year, officials warn parents against leaving their child in vehicles even for a moment. The sad thing is, it seems like every year, there are reports of babies being forgotten in the backseat of the family car. Sometimes it ends happily, with the child being discovered, unharmed. Unfortunately, there are still cases where the children are left in the oven-hot cars for hours, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and then found dead after. One child who is a victim of this is one child too many.

So parents, be mindful of your child in the backseat. Don’t let the running list of errands in your head distract you from your precious cargo. Never leave your child in a car unattended. It is not only dangerous but against the law in most cases. Even if you feel like you will only be gone for a few minutes and plan to crack the window wide open, you never know what might happen. A child’s system is so delicate, babies even more so, that they could suffer from heat stroke at the blink of an eye. Keep them safe and cool this summer, and don’t let them be another statistic.

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