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Animal Cruelty leads to Recall of 143 million lbs of Beef

animalcruelty143beef.jpgChino-based Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. is undergoing an FDA forced recall of 143 million lbs of ground beef distributed by the Southern California Slaughterhouse since February 1 of ’08.

The recall is the result of a video which shows the slughterhouse pushing too-ill-to-walk bovine with forklifts. The discovery that the company was not reporting the illnesses to veterinarians, which is a health code violation, is what lead to the recall. It is undetermined at this time if the meat is contaminated but be advised that it has been deemed unfit for human consumption, including some 37 million lbs distributed to school programs.

The video also shows varying degrees of animal cruelty with some of the workers kicking the ill cows and forcing water down their throats. Thankfully some of the animal handlers are being prosecuted. Read more about this story here.

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