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TV is the Enemy

tvistheenemy.jpgI can?t emphasize this enough: if you can put off exposing your children to Too Much television, do it with all your might. The Baby Einstein fads, the Barney?s, Blue?s Clues, Elmo?s of this world evoke sentimental feelings of a childhood long gone, but if your children never get to know who Sponge Bob or Dora the Explorer is, it is not time to mourn and rue your child?s sorry lot in life.

I?ve owned THIS for five years now and it occupies a cherished place on our family shelf. It has saved us from parental embarrassment many times. Like when our son?s school asked that we make a present for his secret friend for Christmas. There was a strong exhortation to Not buy presents. At the eleventh hour, we pored over the activities and found several options that had both my children, ages 5 & 2, thrilled. We were able to construct a cable car out of a used toilet paper roll and cut straw, some tape, Bob the Builder stickers and an old bus ticket. It was magical for the boys; they insisted on playing with it by ?cabling? a string from the microwave stand to a chair leg. They were absorbed for a good hour or more. The next morning, when my older son was ready to leave for school and give his present away, his eyes lit up when Papa presented him with his own cable car, only this time wrapped in glossy ?Cars? paper.

Other activities you can do is play with old bottles, matching them with their bottle caps or lids, or transforming boxes into space ships or trains, decorated with used newspapers, touched up with coloured markers. You need not spend to create fun your children will definitely enjoy, and the boob tube can rest the whole while.When you?ve tired of this volume, why not try its other derivatives, such as after-school activities, outdoor activities, and fun-filled learning activities? You can never go wrong with these.

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