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Top Toys for Newborns

toptoysnewborns.jpgWhile infants do not have the desire, much less the capacity to “play” as older
babies do, many toy companies have developed toys which are designed
to stimulate even the youngest babies.

Studies have found that infants are stimulated by bright, contrasting colors.
Newborns are especially intrigued by the colors black, white and red.

Mobiles can be found hanging above many, if not most, baby’s cribs. While some
parents may opt for a mobile that’s “cute” or fits in with their nursery’s
theme, a baby will get the most enjoyment from one which stimulates his or her
developing senses. The award-winning Symphony in Motion Farmyard Animal mobile is an excellent choice. It provides visual stimulation and holds babies’
attention through its contrasting colors. It also encourages physical activity
as babies tend to reach, wiggle and eventually try to grab the colorful shapes
which move and dangle from this whimsical mobile. The classical music it plays
has been found to stimulate and develop infants’ brains through what is known as
the Mozart Effect.

An important thing to note is that newborns focus best when objects are at a 12
inch distance. Keep this in mind when installing mobiles and other toys for

Another great choice for newborns are toy mirrors, such as Lamaze’s First
Mirror. Young babies are excited by faces and seeing their own promotes facial recognition.

Toy rattles come in many styles, colors and textures. Colorful wrist and
ankle rattles, however, can be directly attached to newborn babies’ wrists and
ankles, so that even infants who are too young to grasp a rattle can entertain themselves by making their own rattling sounds. The Garden Bug Footfinders and Wrist Rattle Set are also adorable.

Last (but certainly not least) on this list of top toys for newborns, are car
seat toys. These colorful, panel-style toys attach to the backseat, providing
entertainment and visual stimulation while backward-facing babies travel. The
same toys can later be moved to accommodate older, forward-facing babies. And to
think, that when we were babies, we had the pleasure of staring at plain old
beige or gray vinyl when we went out for a ride!

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