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Teeny Tattoos: Safety Tats for Toddlers

When I heard about tattoos for toddlers, I thought Oh. My. Gosh.

Is this the teenager-ifying of our toddlers going completely off the hook? Are manicures for infants and high heels for newborns not enough? (Tamsen, my Babies Online blogger colleague recently wrote about manicures for preschoolers and I totally agree with her. One manicure at age 4 is cute. Regular manicures at 7 months is bizarre and troubling.)

Turns out, there was no need for me to get in a tizz about these tattoos. Safety Tats are a temporary, washable tattoo, customized with the parent’s cell phone number. If a toddler wanders off, as they are prone to do, then anyone who finds the child and sees the tattoo can call their mom or dad.

More expensive than writing your cell number on your child’s arm with a marker pen, which is what a mom I know does with her toddler, but probably better for their skin.

Safety Tats suggest using them in airports, malls and other busy public places.

I know where these could really come in handy: at the State Fair that’s coming up in my town in a few months. If you loose a child in an airport, then there’s the option of calling mom or dad over the PA system. At the fair, or another busy outdoor event, there’s nothing like that. So these would be a much better way of re-uniting parent and child.

Safety Tats also make designs with health information warnings, such as for autistic, diabetic and allergic children.

I think these are such a brilliant idea, and I’m scratching my head as to why no-one else did it sooner! I think these would be so useful over the summer, with so many family fairs, festivals and warm-weather outings happening.

The only drawback is you need a cell phone, and my cell is barely clinging to life at the moment. So once I get it either resuscitated, or replaced, I’ll be ordering some Safety Tats for my son.

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