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Sunglasses for Weight Loss: Fad or Fashion

sunglassesfadfashion.jpgOk, now that you’ve stopped laughing, here are the facts as I got them. A Japanese company, Yumetai, has designed a special type of sunglasses to help us fight the battle of the bulge. According to the company, the blue sunshades will help you lose the weight and keep it off. The blue lenses are said to make food look so disgusting the wearer will not want to eat it. In addition, the company states that the brain’s appetite sensor reacts to color. The color blue helps to ‘clam the brain’s appetite center and so minimizes the desire to over eat.

As a bonus, the lenses of the dieter’s sunshades block red rays from coming through. Red light supposedly stimulates the appetite, so by blocking these rays the glasses help the dieter eat less and of course lose weight. At a mere $19 per pair I’m still inclined to give them a try in my ongoing battle to lose weight.

I wonder if I can try to get a pair for free by promising to blog about my experience. After all, studies have shown that some colors really do affect mood so why not appetite.

What’s your take – will this be just another of those fads that promise to help you lose weight and then fizzle?

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