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Pushchairs, Stroller and Buggies – Is There Too Much Choice When Buying?

StrollerAt first glance, it appears we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing and buying a pushchair, stroller or buggy. Some are marketed by the pushchair manufacturers as a fashion accessory, and come with many colour options. Years ago there were pushchairs and prams – now there are pushchairs, sports pushchairs, combi pushchairs, shoppers, buggies, joggers, three wheeler buggies and more…


Oh, and let’s not forget those special pushchairs for different family situations – twin pushchairs, tandem pushchairs and even triple and quad pushchairs.

Now, you are probably starting to get confused with all the choices, but it is still much more complicated. There are pushchairs with large wheels, small wheels, air tyres, rubber tyres. You have to consider weight, width, handle height, shopping basket size.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a pushchair, not yet mentioned, is price. In addition, is a raincover included or is that extra? What about a parasol?

So, now that it all sounds so complicated, let’s try to put some order into this chaos and make it seem so much more straight-forward.

First, before you even begin to search for a new pushchair, you have to decide what your priorities are, what will the pushchair be used for?

That sounds obvious, but for example, will your pushchair mostly be on man-made surfaces, such as going to the shops for shopping – or will your main use be outdoors? A buggy is a light pushchair, small, narrow and lightweight. Definitely not suitable for rough ground but great for shops. So that might suit in this situation. A buggy is most suited to children older than 9 months who sit upright. They fold away quite small and so are easy to transport.

A very different type of pushchair is a jogger. This will suit an active, sporty parent, perfect for using off-road and easy to steer.

So, sit down and make your list of requirements. Consider when and how you will use your pushchair. Consider how important weight is to you. Depending on how tall you are, some pushchairs can be difficult to push because their handle height is high. Some pushchairs have adjustable handle height. Will you have a requirement to carry your pushchair up and down stairs – remember you will have to carry your baby at the same time!

Do you use public transport? – this makes size important as a large pushchair may cause difficulties, particularly on busy services.

We must also consider the baby – the pushchair should be comfortable, a reclining seat could be very important.

In my research I have discovered that many parents make a mistake in choosing their first pushchair and make their choice for many of the wrong reasons. I decided to rationalize many of the factors that should be considered when choosing a pushchair and developed a website where parents can offer their feedback to help others make these choices. The website is My Pushchair.

About The Author
Mark Hartshorne is a father with two young children and created a website to review pushchairs and strollers to offer parents a fair comparison on price, size, design and more. The website is My Pushchair.

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