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Product Review: Fisher Price Soothing Seas Aquarium

amazonsoothingaquarium.jpgMy two month old daughter Clover received the “Fisher Price Soothing Seas Aquarium” gift set for Christmas and if you don’t already have one of these, you should definitely go get one! My daughter LOVES this toy and it has been an amazing help in getting her to sleep and keeping her entertained. The Aquarium features a variety of different settings so that your baby is constantly stimulated. You can set the aquarium to only play music, only make bubbles, only display the lights, or set it to a melody and variation of each. It also stays on for a period of eighteen minutes without pushing the button or re-activating and this seems to be a good amount of time to allow you to ready yourself for bed without having to disturb your cooing little one.

There are five different “mode” setting on the model, including a soft “Go to Sleep” melody, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” A classic piano piece, soothing ocean sounds and a general soft bubbling noise. The Aquarium is easily portable and either sets or hooks onto your crib, bassinet, or play area. The Aquarium features a large gold “Mommy” fish followed closely by a “baby” fish and a cute little crab who peeps out at your baby from behind a rock. The seaweed sways back and forth to the music and bubbles rise up from the mouths of the fish and from the bottom of the tank. Soothing blue lights simulate actual fish tanks and the soft change of light is both entertaining and calming.

The gift set also comes with a seahorse rattle that my daughter also really likes that is both cute and visually stimulating. The Aquarium also comes with a remote so that you can turn it on or off without disturbing your baby if he or she is a light sleeper, and I found that hanging it on a doorknob keeps it from getting lost. I could not believe how vocal my little girl was about her new toy, she literally lays in her crib and coos and giggles herself to sleep. It also features an on/off button on the front of the tank for your infant to press to learn cause and effect and help develop their motor skills. My daughter is just now ten weeks old and she can turn the Aquarium on and off herself most of the time without any help! I was amazed!

This is a GREAT product and I highly recommend it. The only setbacks to it is that will set you back in batteries, as it does not feature a Ac/DC plug for outlets. The other problem we have run into with it is that it responds to other remotes in the house such as a television or VCR remote at random and we can’t find a way around this type of interference. Other than that, the Soothing Seas Aquarium is both stimulating, soothing, entertaining, and has brought a lot of joy and quiet peaceful evenings to our otherwise hectic life!!

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