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Product Review: Cushi Tush Baby Seat

Product Review: Cushi Tush Baby SeatAs an Attachment Parenting practitioner (more or less) I try to hold my daughter whenever possible. But she doesn’t care for the baby sling, so there are times during the day when she really needs to sit or lie down someplace and entertain herself. After she outgrew her bouncy seat and began devising ways to escape from her swing, I started hunting for a good, safe seating option. I didn’t want something we’d be shuttling into the attic after a few months, either.

That’s when I found the Cushi Tush. It’s a safe, green, portable sitting solution for your little one that will last until they are about 18 months or weigh 30 lbs.

Hailed as the “perfect babysitter,” the Cushi Tush rests flat on the floor with a wide base to prevent tipping. There are no straps or buckles; the baby stays in place by means of the tray that slides into position. A center bar prevents the baby from “submarining” out the bottom of the seat.

Use the Cushi Tush for:

– Play: Like an infant swing, exersaucer, or playpen the Cushi Tush provides a safe place for your child to play while you do other tasks.
– Mealtime: If you’re going to visit friends or relatives and don’t feel like lugging a high chair, the Cushi Tush serves that purpose.
– Storytime: You can turn the book’s pages and read easily, knowing your child is safe and secure.

According to the manufacturer’s Web site, the Cushi Tush is approved by pediatricians and conforms to all safety standards.

In my quest for a baby seat, I was concerned about BPA in many baby products; I wanted something that was safe for my baby and the environment. The chair is not made from polystyrene, but from an ecologically-safe, strong but lightweight and recyclable expanded polypropylene material called ARPRO. Manufacturers use ARPRO to make car seats, bicycle helmets and more.

The Cushi Tush wipes off easily with a damp sponge and does not house bacteria, so it’s sanitary and safe. It’s also dishwasher-safe.

But let’s get down to the really important point: How does the baby like it?

She sits in it for about 20 minutes at a time. Although I’m in the same room, I don’t have to pay constant attention to make sure she’s not rolling or scooting off someplace now that’s she’s mobile. She plays with her toys in it or watches a Baby Einstein DVD and I’m free to fold laundry, wash dishes or even take a shower. She loves to sit in her Cushi Tush and bang on her toy keyboard while I work on my laptop, too!

Because it’s so lightweight, it travels easily from room to room. I also use the Cushi Tush during interactive time; it gives the baby a place to sit for stories and flash card games so my hands are free to turn pages.

We travel a lot, and the Cushi Tush works well in a hotel room as a high chair or, again, a place for the baby to sit while you do other things. It’s a lot easier to carry around for short—or long—trips than an exersaucer or swing.

There are certain things you can’t do with the Cushi Tush. The manufacturers do not recommend using it in the bathtub or on elevated surfaces (it’s not a booster seat). I would love if it had straps so you could use it as a booster seat or if it had a base that made it safe to prop up on the couch.

With no buckles or clips, the tray simply slides off the base and then slides back into place firmly. It’s easy to use, but I doubt even the most resourceful child could remove the tray by herself. I found it tricky to open the seat one-handed while holding the baby the first few times. I eventually discovered the trick of placing my toes on the base for leverage while I wiggled the tray out one-handed. It’s much easier to put the baby down and use both hands to open the chair.

The Cushi Tush comes in blue, pink, green, orange or mottled patterns of blue/green, green/pink or all four colors. For the price (under $40) it’s a good, durable baby product that lasts longer than many other options on the market.

A ‘Lil Cushi Tush, sold separately, lets your child place their favorite doll or stuffed animal in a seat just like theirs! Find out more about the Cushi Tush and other baby products at

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