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Product Review: Angelcare BebeSounds Nursery Monitor

productreviewmonitor2.jpgLike every mom, I worry about my baby when he’s sleeping. Is he too cold? too hot? is he comfortable? And nagging at the back of every mom’s mind is the worry of SIDS, or crib death.

The latest AAP recommendations of how to keep your baby safe while sleeping have dramatically reduced the number of deaths from SIDS, and following them will make it extremely unlikely your baby will be one of them.

The Angelcare BebeSounds nursery monitor is a movement-sensing pad that goes underneath a crib or bassinet mattress. The pad detects baby’s movements, and every breath they take, and if no movement (i.e. breaths) are detected for 20 seconds, a warning chirp beeps, then an alarm sounds.

It’s also a regular baby monitor, and available with one parent receiver, or two.

I bought one of these monitors to use with my newborn son. We had the occasional false alarm, when he rolled right to the edge of the crib, and when he woke up in the middle of the night and I forgot to turn it off after picking him up out of his crib.

Then one night, when he was about 4 months old, I woke up to the warning chirp. Half asleep, I was wondering what it was. Then the alarm went off. I ran to my son’s crib, and put my hand on his back. He wasn’t breathing. I rubbed his back. Nothing. I shook his arms. No response. I shook him and shouted his name. He took the most enormous inhale. I spent the rest of the night sitting up with him asleep in my arms. I’ve never been so terrified, and so relieved.

This device is not marketed as an anti-SIDS product, or a safety device, and they make no claims that it will prevent SIDS. Always follow all the recommendations from the AAP and use the monitor as a little extra peace-of-mind.

It retails for $80 for the dual monitor set and $66 for the single monitor receiver. Expensive for a baby monitor, but I truly believe this monitor it saved my son’s life, and I don’t believe I’ve ever spent a better $80.

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