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Our Perfect Baby Seat: the Fisher Price Papasan

41h8tcdae1l_aa280_.jpgWhen my first child was born we, like a lot of new parents, tried out many baby seats hoping to find one that had it all. We tried bouncy seats, rockers, vibrating bouncy seats – you name it, we tried it. Thank goodness our son was so laid back because he was definitely our guinea pig for lots of baby gear!

So, with the birth of our second child rapidly approaching I researched seats online and found a lot of great reviews about the Fisher Price Baby Papasan chair. So, we tried it….and LOVED it!

This wonderful baby seat features a super-soft removable and WASHABLE seat that comes apart from the frame. The fact that the seat is removable and the frame folds flat makes it super easy for packing and during travel. It also vibrates and plays soothing music, both alone or together. There is even a detachable and reversible blanket that was the perfect size for our newborn daughter.

We especially liked the angle of the seat because we found that a lot of bouncy seats sit up at too much of an angle for a newborn or young baby. We used this seat until my daughter was about 4 1/2 months old, at which point she wanted to sit up and see everything, so we then purchased a Bumbo seat (another great baby chair!).

Overall, we loved the Papasan seat and would highly recommend it to new moms and dads searching for the “perfect” chair. I would also absolutely suggest looking for deals on baby gear like this on Ebay or at a children’s consignment shop. I found mine on Ebay at a great price and in like new condition. This seat was definitely worth every thrifty penny!

As a parent, what has been the one piece of baby gear you couldn’t live without? Tell everyone about it in the comments section!

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