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Organic Baby Clothes

You don’t need me to tell you that babies need a lot of clothes. The average baby grows out of 4 or 5 complete wardrobe changes in their first year. I don’t have a linen cupboard, it’s full of boxes of my son’s baby clothes saved for potential baby number two.

Baby clothes and bedding are almost universally made from cotton. It’s soft, washes well, and it’s breathable, making it the ideal fabric for baby clothes.

It’s also one of the most chemically-dependant crops grown today. Tons of fertilizer, insecticides, and herbicides are used on every acre of cotton grown. To grow enough cotton for an average t-shirt, 1/3 of a pound of agricultural chemicals has to be applied to the soil and plants. For one t-shirt! There is something wrong when the amount of pesticides needed to make a garment, weigh more than the garment itself. And surely some of those chemicals are retained in the cotton fibres that will be worn next to baby’s skin?

It makes the case for organic baby clothes very compelling. As demand has increased, more cotton farms are going organic, and the price of organic clothes has fallen. I remember seeing organic t-shirts for $50 each at a baby boutique a couple of years ago. Today an organic baby t-shirt can be bought for under $10 so now most people can afford to make at least part of baby’s wardrobe organic.

Baby Soy, Sckoon, Speesees, Under the Nile, and many more independent companies, all make adorable baby clothes, sleepwear and sheets from organic cotton. Most of these companies also say that they pay a fair price for their cotton, and are against using sweatshops and other unfair labor practices.

Big brands like Gerber are making organic onesies and the like, and retailers like Gap, Target and Walmart are getting in on the act too. Makes me wonder, if I buy an organic cotton baby t-shirt at (notoriously un-eco-friendly) Walmart, does one cancel the other out?

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