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Ode to Diaper Wipes

I remember once walking up to a booth at a carnival and the look of relief on the lady’s face as I approached.? She was working the booth and had some dirt on her hands.? She eyed my diaper bag hungrily and exclaimed, “Oh, thank God! It’s a mom! She’ll have diaper wipes!” Of course I did, and I proudly whipped my wipes out and bestowed upon her a few so she could wipe her hands.

Aren’t diaper wipes wonderful? I’ve used them to wipe down tables, wipe my hands, wipe runny noses, and once in a while I actually used them for their intended purpose and used them to wipe up my baby’s behind after a messy diaper.? Even though I never really liked schlepping a diaper bag around it never ceased to amaze me that diaper wipes could be used for so many purposes.? It was like I could fix anything just by reaching into my bag and pulling a diaper wipe out.

Now that both of my kids are (thankfully and blissfully) out of diapers, I don’t carry a diaper bag around as much as I used to.? If we’re going somewhere for more than an hour or so I usually do grab my diaper bag because it’s always a good idea to have a change?of clothes for my kids because you never really know what is going to happen, but quick trips to the store or library usually just involve me grabbing my purse and dashing out the door with the kids.? There have been more than a few times when I reached to grab a diaper wipe out of my bag only to discover that I had my purse instead of the diaper bag.

I bought some of the single-use hand wipes and stuffed them into my purse, but the cleansers and anti-bacterial ingredients make me apprehensive about using them to wipe my kids’ faces or to blow their noses.

One option I’ve hard about is to make your own diaper wipes, which is supposed to aid in the elimination of things like the dreaded diaper rash. Admittedly, I haven’t tried that option. I will tell you that graduating to a reasonably-sized purse instead of my whopper or a diaper bag was a joyous occasion, so I’m reluctant to get a bigger purse just so I can start carting diaper wipes around again.

For the record, though, I still rank diaper wipes as one of the greatest inventions ever.

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