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Nursing Cover-ups. More Obvious Than Just Nursing?

Have you seen these – or do you use one yourself?

Many nursing moms I know have bought one of those apron-like covers to wear over their baby so they can nurse in public and cover everything up. Nursing in public can be very nerve-racking especially at first, and these cover-ups give mom more security and ease to latch on baby. They are also very useful with a distractable baby. You know – nurse – pop off – nurse – pop off – I’m hungry, but there’s too much to look at!

There’s a couple of brands, some are tastefully named like Babe au Lait, and Mommy Covers. Or you could buy a Hooter Hider, if you must. All the brands make nursing covers in lots of patterns, from bold graphics, pretty flowers, to rocker mom styles.

Crafty moms could make their own very easily – all a nursing cover is made from, is a rectangle of fabric, and a strap to go around your neck to keep it in place.

I thought about buying one, but I never did. I either made do with a regular baby blanket – which is true, did not stay in place as well with a fidgety baby. Or when I was more practiced, layered two shirts, pulled the inner one down, the outer one up, and latched him on, still keeping everything covered.

I think that wearing a nursing cover can say I’M NURSING much more than other ways of covering up. If the goal is discretion, a baby wrapped in a blanket, or nursing in a sling (Moby wraps are great for this) can be much more discrete than wrapping a great big brightly-colored poncho around yourself.

The moms I know who used them loved them, and I can absolutely see the appeal. So do you use a nursing cover-up, or will you be buying one?

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