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Nature haikus for baby (a must read!)

Nature haikus for babyI found a wonderful little book for my baby today: Haiku Baby by Betsy Snyder. Each poem is short (haikus have 3 lines, 5 syllables each) and is about nature. Each one inspires emotion and even action when you read to your little one. When I read rain to my eight month old, he loved my exaggerated voice and gestures.

It reads:

    “Splish splash, puddle bath!
    Raindrops march in spring parade.
    Wake up, sleepy earth”

For the first line, I “splashed around”, during the second I marched and during the third I yawned and stretched like I was trying to wake up.

Each haiku is equally engaging. It’s amazing how there can be so much in three short verses! The colorful pictures caught my baby’s attention and the big tabs on the sides encourage baby to turn the pages.

I found this little treasure at my local bookshop, an absolutely amazing place located in the oldest building in town. I can spend hours in there, hunting for unusual and interesting books, journals and other gift items. I’m so glad I went in and found this book for my little one. The kids’ section is full of books which I have never seen at larger chain bookstores.

Another thing that came from this trip is that I was reminded that even during tough economic times (and maybe especially then), small, local businesses need our support, even if it is just to buy a little book for baby.

There is also a haiku baby website which has some very cute nature sounds and other cute features. (I looked it up as soon as I finished reading the book.) You can order the book from Amazon. I recommend it!

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