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How I Choose My Baby Gear: Stroller and Car Seat

Before I had my daughter, I obsessed over getting the “right kind” of baby gear for her. I had heard of all the pricey and trendy items out there, the Bugaboo, the Bumbleride, the Quinny, but with their price tag, I immediately threw them out the window. Instead I searched online using two criteria: price and reviews. Basically, going from the lowest-cost product to the highest, which had the highest reviews? I also scoured the reviews, if something was repeated as a negative that I couldn’t live with like a part breaking so quickly I paid attention. Once I had that narrowed down, I then went by style. Hey, I still wanted to by stylish, so I chose something where the colors and design complemented the functionality.

With that I was finally able to go with a traveling system that I absolutely adored. I liked it so much, I myself wrote a positive feedback about it on a baby website. I thought it was time to pay it forward.

Now Mina is growing by leaps and bounds. She has definitely outgrown her cramped car seat that came with the traveling system. And we were ready for a light-weight stroller to traverse the paths winding down all these beaches close to us. Time to scour the websites again. I went with the ultra-dependable Britax this time. All their products get great reviews, but while for me, the name was enough to sell me based on their reputation, a friend told me that all car seats have to meet the same safety guidelines, and to be practical. She went with a seat that wasn’t as pricey but she felt comfortable with. I agreed with her, but I just wanted that extra sense of security. Plus, the model I got goes up to 65 lbs. which delays buying a booster seat by a few more months.

As for Mina’s new stroller, I went with a stroller that met my new criterion:

  • Can recline so baby can sleep comfortably
  • Has some sort of basket on the bottom
  • Does not tip over when bags are slung on the bars
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Comfortable to push and easy to maneuver

Unbelievably, I found all these features in a stroller for less than a $100! And that stroller also had great reviews, I can’t live without user reviews. So far, both products is living up to their reputation.

What other things do you look for in a stroller or car seat?

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