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High Heels For Babies

High heels for a baby? Yes, really it is true.

Today I discovered a company called Heelarious, which manufactures tiny shoes with heels. The shoes have been created in the United States by two childhood friends, Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter, and are ‘specifically designed for babies.’ I was wondering what that really means. How exactly does one design a pair of high heels specifically for a baby?

A check on the company’s website reveals that they have 6 designs in various styles and colors including pink, black, and leopard print. The shoes are intended for babies up to 6 months of age and are ‘extremely funny, completely soft, fully functional high heel crib shoes for babies.’ Each pair of shoes costs $35 and can be purchased at a limited amount of retailers in the United States, Canada and Switzerland. They can also be purchased online.

The high heeled shoes are not intended for walking as the ‘heel will collapse with weight’ and are intended to be worn in the crib only. The website claims that the shoes were actually created as a joke product one day when one of the designers thought, while on the way to a party, about what fun it would be to bring her daughter to the event in high heels.

Perhaps I am old, or prudish. I don’t really see anything funny about high heels on a baby. I certainly don’t see anything even remotely amusing about buying a pair of $35 shoes for my child that aren’t intended to actually even be used as shoes. That’s just me though.

What do you think? Would you buy high heels for your infant? Do you think that $35 for a pair of shoes which aren’t actually usable is a good deal? Would you buy a pair for your infant daughter?

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